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Your Future...?
I haven't written an article for the last few issues of this Branch 916 newsletter titled "THE REALY BOX". It's been around a long time, the Relay Box that is, like a lot of your leadership. I'm talking about the officers that lead this branch, they are and have always dedicated to the best interest of your wellbeing. These Sisters and Brothers have given more than you realize. They have given you time, weather you asked for or not.

As I get older I realize how valuable time is. I know
I'm not as old as some of you reading this but, I am 54 and I have worked as a Letter Carrier for over 20 years and I still do to this day. Anyway back to where I was heading with this article. The time these people have put in for you is un-measureable, time away from their families, jockeying their schedules, their lives for you! And they keep on
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